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Welcome to our Korean culture blog! We are a team of writers who want to share our passion for the top aspects of Korean entertainment and lifestyle that fascinate us most – K-Dramas, Food, and Travel.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of K-culture or someone just discovering the creative world of Korean cinema, the spicy kicks of kimchi, or the intrigue of Korea’s ancient temples, we aim to entertain and inspire you.

As self-confessed Korea enthusiasts, our contributors have lived in Korea, speak the language, and have firsthand experience with the food, sites, culture, and entertainment we cover. We translate interesting tidbits from Korean media and new perspectives you won’t find elsewhere.

Some of our favorite Korean fixations we love to explore include:

K-Dramas: The latest soap opera releases, recaps of must-watch romances, insider actor interviews, and production secrets.

Korean Cuisine: Spicy stew recipes, must-try food alleys in Seoul, cooking hacks, restaurant openings, and the rise of han-tacos and Korexican fusions.

Korea Travel: Off-beat things to do in Seoul,Jeju Island getaways, lesser-known UNESCO sites, neighborhood walking tours, budget travel tips and hidden gem discoveries.

Our goal is to share the creativity, passion and addictive flavors that make us lifelong Korean culture devotees. Whether you’re sampling your first proper kimchi, swooning over K-Drama heartthrobs, or planning the trip of a lifetime to Korea, we hope our blog inspires you to join the phenomenal Hallyu Wave!

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